BYAS Face and Body Treatments

Tone skin and promote body fat reduction 

BYAS Face Lifter

Firm facial muscles, smooth skin and promote healthy cell redevelopment

BYAS Eye Lifter

Firm the muscles around the eye and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

BYAS Body Lifter

Promote muscle tone and definition whilst smoothing the skin and promoting targeted fat reduction

BYAS Face and Body Creams

A selection of face and body creams to enhance and prolong the effects of BYAS treatments

Bionic Youth Activating System

Targeted muscle and skin therapy to reduce fat and rejuvenate the skin

Jeannette Gibson Aesthetics is a practitioner of the popular BYA system, which helps to tone skin and promotes body fat reduction.


Every programme can be individually graded with three levels of intensity. In this way, you can work systematically to regain a beautiful, well-shaped body in many different body areas.

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